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Need Money? 6 Ways To Make Money Today


  1. Sell or Recycle your old and unwanted stuff.If you have lots of junk in your back yard, get rid of it by recycling it for cash. Just go to Google and type in “Recycle” and your location to find places near you.
  2. Offer a service, wash a car, clean or mow your neighbours’ lawn or yard, babysit, etc.
  3. Join companies that pays a commission for selling their products, there are lots to choose from, Make-up, Jewellery, Tupperware, Health products, etc. You will be surprised, how many people actually buy products that comes to them.
  4. If you can bake, bake cookies and/or biscuits and sell it, if you can’t bake go to Google and type “How to Bake Cookies and Biscuits” or ”Biscuit and Cookie Recipes”.
  5. Fill out Online surveys if you have a computer and internet access at home This could work for you. Companies want to know, the demands status of the market, and they normally have digital electronics or cash prices to give away.
  6. If you really need money for an emergency or something in that sort of nature, take up a pay-day loan until your next pay check, interest rates are normally not that high and it’s a once off payment.