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How To Spot A Weed Smoker

Marijuana, Canibas, Weed, Pot, Zol, Ganja and the list goes on and on.

Cannabis, weed, zol or pot leafSmoking weed is getting more common or is in fact, common for many throughout the years, after researching common behaviours, attitudes, physical appearance, studies, and habits of a weed smoker/s, I have compiled a list for you to spot a potential weed smoker.

Things to monitor when you suspect someone close to you becomes or is a weed smoker that might help in the long run. Because smoking weed could be seen as “common” many of us know that it is a gate way drug and could end up, being far more serious than just getting high.


  •  Attitude – most weed smokers tend to become lazy after smoking, and don’t mind doing nothing or just laying around all day. They don’t like to be disturbed during this time; paranoid or just really high.
  • Behaviour – sometimes they say and do unintelligent things, normally followed by a slow ridiculous laugh, this process can repeat itself a couple of times.
  • Physical Appearance – most weed smokers tend to lose weight and their skin colour becomes a bit darker. The eyelids get weaker and eyeballs changes to a reddish colour.
  • Grades – if someone close to you is in school and is smoking weed or starts to smoke weed, grades tend to drop.
  • Habits – changes from normal routine activities to rather late and unknown locations.
  • Good liars – they can hide all the above.

So to spot a weed smoker you can challenge them to the elements mentioned above, and/or asking questions around these areas. You will know it when you see it.