3 Key Tips When Applying For A Job And Getting An Interview

Things Not To Do When Applying For a Job

Send your CV to a company and wait. This is just not Professional.

Not doing research about the company. This is just not Professional.

Not revising or refreshing your mind about the job you want to get into. This is just not Cool, being clueless is no good.


Things to Do When Applying For a Job

Application Process

Call the company to follow upSend your CV to the company and follow up – Make sure the company (HR) knows who you are. Give the company a call, ask for the HR manager or to whom you have send your CV to, be polite and ask, if they have received your CV well, ask them to let you know if there are any outstanding documents and that they can contact you if they need anything ells, or if anything changes with regards to the vacancy/position.


Research2Do you research about the company, if you can Google the company even if you just read through the “About” page and look at their services. If you can’t, phone the company and ask the receptionist what the company is about. It just makes sense to show them that you know a few things about the company; you will score a few points on this one.


Prepare for the Interview

Prepare for the interviewRevise your work, if you have been out of a job for a while, it is always good to sit back and think about what you have done in your previous job, try to remember everything and do more research on the work criteria.

Fresh from college, revise your study materials, you might get questions base on that, and silly things that one knows can be forgotten during an interview.

If you never had a job, make sure you make it clear to them that you are willing to learn and will put in your best efforts to do the job. This can be difficult to achieve without appearing desperate, but with your Application Process, Research and Preparing for the Interview, chances are always better once you have applied the key step to getting there.

Learning curbIt might not always go your way, in that case take it is as a learning curb and perfect your skills for the next time. Once you have a positive mind set and applied the above, the next time would be much easier.




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